Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Reality of me

I am sitting here trying to start a blog about losing weight, and I find myself distracted by things happening around me. That has been a quirk in my life for a great many number of years, and while I am focused, and ready to lose weight, and become healthy; I just paused for 5 minutes watching something, which is exactly where the problem is. This blog is going to help me stay motivated, and I ask, and invite people to participate in this adventure with me. I am going to be going on a rather long journey to lose weight.

  • This is my plan to lose weight
  • Blog about stuff at least twice a week
  • Make a few videos about my weight loss
  • Be as transparent about this adventure as possible
  • To start, and build endurance 45m on the Eliptical 5 days a week, then progress to other facets of working out. 
  • Have a steady sleeping schedule
  • No more Mt Dew, Pepsi, etc, strictly water, or things like Gatoraid
  • No eating after 9pm
  • Eat more soup and salads.
  • I won't go out of my way to get fast food; it will not be a destination; and if I do get fast food, it will be things like grilled chicken; no deep fried foods.

I am going to weight myself in the morning (1/2) to see where I am at, and start the gym. I don't plan to have cheat days, I don't plan to take a break from this. I do not have a set goal in mind, I am just going to change my life style as I've mentioned above, and see how it does.


  1. Cheering you on, as you begin your journey. It is a journey I need to begin as well. Walking and biking will be my choices for exercise. Changes in eating habits will be addressed, too.

    Good Luck....I look forward to seeing you succeed.

  2. Good job man! Here cheering you on :)